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What I have learned about keeping my hair healthy and thick!

How I made my hair feeling, looking and being thick and healthy.

My mum always told me ‘Your hair is your crown and glory’ and I think I have always been on this weird mission ever since constantly asking people with beautiful hair, hairdressers and also through test and trials of my own hair ‘how is it that I get beautiful thick hair?

After living in India and being surrounded by superstars and models with luscious gorgeous thick hair I wanted to know more than ever, so we who live in the western world can know what really does work and if those $150 bottles of shampoo and conditioner are a waste of money?

Some people I asked would respond with: I have always had thick, long hair, whilst others had been through various hairstyles. I do believe that to an extent our genetic makeup has a lot to do with our hair. Geographically we all come from different parts of the world resulting in different looks, from skin tone to hair colour and it’s density and eye colour as a result of the location and climate we live in, so is it something we have to just accept? I choose no, technology is too advanced and I believe we can find products and solutions to improve our hair. I have always had a lot of hair but it is fine and I use heat on it all the time from constant shooting, so I am not saying I went from nothing to everything. It is still a work in progress. I just wanted to share my self-educated research.

Over the years the things that affected the quality of my hair ARE humidity and water. I’ve found in some places the water on my hair has made it softer and silkier whilst other places have made it dry and frizzy. You have to accommodate to where you are living in the world. In India the water that you shower in is NOT the water that you drink. To drink the water I would fall ill however bathing in it was incredible. My hair and nails grew so much and I wonder if it is because it wasn’t treated with chemicals? The humidity and heat also helped my hair grow. I’m not saying you have to move to a tropical location but I do think people in these locations do have an advantage to some degree.

I believe in sticking with the same hairdresser you trust. When it comes to the chopping time, you do not want them cutting off 2 inches when you have just asked for a trim. I believe it’s a waste if you cut of all the hair you are trying to grow. Grows 2cm cuts off 2cm.. do the maths? It is IMPORTANT however to keep it looking healthy. I still toil over the bi-yearly cut or the 2 monthly fairy trim. I love the feeling off a fresh blunt cut but I do somehow think the fairy trim is most effective (you just have to have faith in your hairdresser to not go beyond this) or find a friend who can do it from home with the right pair of scissors! No to thinning scissors unless ofcourse you want it styled a particular way..!!

When you break up with a boyfriend – DO NOT CUT OFF YOUR HAIR because you want a fresh start!! It is important to not let your emotions dictate your hairstyle, unless of course you love the change. (This blog is about keeping it long, thick and healthy). Avoid dying as much as possible unless of course you have the resources to pay for constant hair dresser treatments. Keep it consistent. I believe your hair is your BRAND!

I use a coconut oil treatment in my hair once a week, this is what I started doing when I began living in India. The humidity and heat plus the oil was a god send and then a hand massage on the scalp helps to stimulate the roots of the hair (just be aware the quicker it grows, if you have dyed your hair you’ll need to go for a root touch up sooner rather than later). When I dye my hair I always get a hair treatment from the hairdresser and I always like to change up my shampoo and conditioners. I use a thickening shampoo and conditioner (but not all the time). A protein spray after I have wet hair and serum when I am styling or want it to look extra smooth. I do not believe in too many products and think balance is key as I think our hair needs to breathe just like our skin does from wearing makeup.

GET a GOOD brush!! Those detangler brushes are great but if you have ever come across a ‘wet’ brush which is purple you won’t go back (I am still looking for retailers in Australia who sell it but have not come across it yet, so if anyone knows where to buy it from please send me 5!) It is so soft and pleasant and I use it on my wet and dry hair. Start brushing from the bottom and work the way up as this will avoid unnecessary breakage.

Diet – Healthy on the inside, healthy on the outside. Regular exercise and nutrition will make a world of difference on your hair skin and nails. I take a Hair, Skin and Nails tablet everyday (when I remember). Sometimes when I travel I might forget for a day or 2. This is so normal, just keep reminding yourself! A high dosage of Biotin has seemed to work for me, but also remember it makes hair grow everywhere else! 😛


Good luck on your hair journey!
Lucinda xx