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The effects of yoga and my love for India <3

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India is a beautiful, magical country and I am currently here in Mumbai.

Being in love with yoga from such a young age, I have always had a fascination with the eastern culture and have always been drawn to it. Even more so after becoming a teacher of yoga and meditation and working as an actress so what better place to live than right here in Mumbai working in Bollywood.

From a young age I always loved sports from tennis to long distance running and I took up yoga at 13. My body has always been my temple and it has vastly affected my mindset. When diet or training has been off my body knows it straight away. From practicing yoga my body is incredibly sensitive and I always remember when I would eat, dairy, sugars or meat that I would always remember saying ‘I feel sick’ after eating when in my younger years but I never really knew why. It was like my body rejected it and now I avoid dairy when possible and rarely eat sugars. Majority of the time I stick to fish or vegetarian dishes when I am eating. Caffeine affects me heavily, so I have coffee on the odd occasion but I get incredibly hyper from this and sometimes it makes me feel anxious. So now, I have become aware of my body and listen to it as opposed to feeding it what I have read somewhere. Every body is different so the effects vary.

Although, my body is super sensitive, I see this positively. I believe it has made me incredibly aware and I am thankful because the awareness has made lead me to trust my intuition when making decisions. I am in India currently and I am excited to continue to work in film, practice plenty of yoga, immerse myself in the culture and become fluent in the language. I recommend everyone to come at least once in their lifetime.

I will be writing a blog post up soon, about the differences from living in a western country (Australia or the US) to India and what to be mindful of when travelling.
Lucinda x