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Adriana Bella Bracelets 

Wow… is the first thought that crossed my mind the first moment I received this very special package in the mail. I got home in the evening that night, opened a box with my name on it, and there in front of my eyes was 12 different bracelets, of all different colours, styles and feelings associated with them.

First all of I am incredibly grateful, Adriana contacted me wanting to send me some gifts to show some of the beautiful bracelets she had hand made all on her own. How could I say no?

It took Adriana several days to hand make the bracelets specifically for me and said she would send them express post. She kept me updated the whole time about when they were going to be delivered (there was some delay in the post outside of our control) but they arrived sooner rather than later and instead of posting them up straight away (I was SO excited) I decided to write because..

Bella Bracelets - Lucinda NicholasMy thoughts were of complete gratitude… Adriana had demonstrated a sincere approach to me, had not expected me to post, advertise or promote her products – she merely wanted to send them to me as a gift. When I received the bracelets they blew me away with how stunning they were and not just aethestically stunning, but stunning in the way that they had been made with heart and soul. Mind you, she has a young child at home too! I have enough trouble keeping up with my own individual to do list, so this just blows me away…

It’s the first time I have written a blog in years because I am so busy with work and studies at is, but there had to be someway for me to express my appreciation and that was to write a public post about this experience… It also inspired me to be to become more creative, I got out my watercolour paints out (some ideas on what to paint would be great) and I have also started writing again (not the assignment  legal kind-of-writing!) so I am very amazed at this whole experience and how just one point of contact can make a world of difference.

I have attached some photos of me showcasing only a select couple of bracelets. You will see them on me in future photos or out in public as they are my new lucky charms and I will be sure to match them to every outfit I have… I am looking forward to seeing your business grow Adriana. Thank you for your time and your kind heart.

I hope anyone that reads this sleeps soundly and has had a fabulous weekend.

Than you and Namaste x

Lucinda Nicholas xxx

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